Alex AquaBike

Alex Aquabike
will change your pool into gym.

Aquafitness exercise in your own home pool ? Thanks to Alex Aqaubike it is possible.
Our bike has mechanical resistance built in pedals, stable bases and regulation for person in height from 150 cm to 190 cm. All of this in reasonable price.
Made from 100% stainless steel will be suitable for all types of water.


Single machine workout for greater leg strength, size and power.


Cardiovascular exercise for increasing stamina.


Aqua training improves joints flexibility.


Enhance not only the blood circulation, but also the lymph flow.

Details are the difference between good and great.

Alex Aquabike pedal

Profiled pedals

Profiled pedals for generating water resistance.

Regulation knob

Made from high quality materials for easier regulations.


Profiled modern saddle for bigger comfort.

Moving wheels

High quality non-scratch rubber wheel.

Why Choose Us

Our products are made with highest quality stainless steel. All products have additional anti-rust layer.

CE Certyficates

AquaFitnessbike equipment complies with the European standard on general safety of products 2001/95 CE-EN 957-1.


Our products have from 1 year to 5 years (depends on line) warranty for all metal elements. 6 month for usable parts.

Additional informations


We are the first company to present real resistance in Aquastepper and Aquabike that can be folded.

Marketing Support

Need materials for your website or brochure ? We are here to help you start your business.

Specialists help

Our service team has knowledge to diagnose breakdowns and answer your questions quickly.

Spare parts

In most cases spare parts will be sended the same day we diagnose problem.


Our products are built as simple as possible which minimizes risk of breakdown.


Our designers are working on creating new and better products everyday. Their effect you will see soon.

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